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March 8, 20122 years ago

Local Business People Return from Destination Business

Six local businesses returned last week from a business improvement “Destination BootCamp” held in Longmont, Colorado, where they leaned hundreds of new methods to bring more customers and tourists to Phillips County.

Among the group to attend include: Stacie Wenzl – Wenzl Drug, Erik Willer – Willer’s Casual Dining, Ginger Tweedy – Area Insight, Setul Parikh – Mark V Motel, Debra Dillon –Logan area business, Dustin Cheney –Phillipsburg Chiropractic Center, and Kera Nuckolls –Discover Phillipsburg Main Street as the Community Coordinator.

Phillips County Economic Development committed to fund the registration fee for six Phillips County businesses and one Community Coordinator to attend per year for four years. This is the third group to attend the two and one-half day, 20-hour workshop that also included approximately twenty-five other business representatives from across North America.

Destination Business BootCamp was created by marketing consultant Jon Schallert, who teaches independent business owners on how to reposition their businesses as “consumer destinations”.

According to Schallert, a business using his Destination Business strategies can compete effectively with stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot and significantly impact a local community.

Schallert notes that it is not uncommon for destination businesses to create change in an entire city, by drawing consumers, from miles around, outside the immediate marketplaces of the community.

“The Destination Business BootCamp is a must do for any small business owner who wants to set themselves apart from, ahead of, or to excel faster than the competition,” says Phillipsburg chiropractor, Dr. Dustin Cheney. “Your competition is not your competitor down the street. Your competition is the world. In today’s society, almost anything is a click away. With the tools I learned at the Destination BootCamp taught by Jon Schallert, I know that I can beat the click and continue to offer our community the highest quality chiropractic and natural health care services in the region.

Schallert’s Destination Busness BootCamp is held in Colorado three times annually. Schallert has worked with independent business owners since 1983, speaks to thousands every year, and is the President of  The Schallert Group, Inc., Longmont Colorado. One newspaper called Schallert “the marketing guru rooting for the retail underdogs”. Business owners interested in attending may contact Phillips County Economic Development at 785-543-5809 for more information, or one can visit Schallert’s website at


Inspiration & Innovation Classes for Entrepreneurs

FREE WEBINARS for Phillips County business owners and managers! Phillips County Economic Development will be showing FREE webinars in the E-Center located at the Fischer Building in Phillipsburg. PCED has become a member in the Partner Program through Jon Schallert’s Destination University and one of the benefits is to show webinars from experts and authors. One webinar will be shown each month on the 2nd Wednesday as a brown bag lunch from 12:00-1:00pm. Bring your lunch and learn about different business ideas which can improve your business! Below is the schedule of the webinars.

         Date Topic Time
1/11/2012 Applying the New Rules of Marketing to Your Small Business – David Meerman Scott   12:00-1:00pm
2/8/2012 The Foundation of a Destination Business: Your Unique Positioning – Jon Schallert
Using Humor in the Workplace: Create a Stronger Business and a Better Team – Michael Kerr
3/14/2012 Public Relations: Get More Customers at Lower Costs: Andrea Schafer
Capturing Customers in 7-Seconds When They Walk in Your Door – Jon Schallert
4/11/2012 How Small Talk Can Lead to Big Results in Your Business – Debra Fine
Making a Case for Store Front Improvement – Seanette Corkil
5/9/2012 Financial Straight Talk: How to Keep More of What You Make – Richard Schultheis
Branding Your Business – Jon Schallert
6/13/2012 Introduction to Effective Email Marketing: Jon Schallert   12:00-1:00pm


Please RSVP with Andrea Lowry – PCED Office Manager at 785-543-5809 or MARK YOUR CALENDARS! You will want to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Printable version of the schedule

Destination University Membership Discounted Cost

Destination University is a membership-only program designed exclusively for independent business owners to help them grow their businesses, while increasing their sales, profits, and customer traffic. Destination University was originally created to highlight Jon Schallert’s proprietary Destination Business processes. Now, Destination University has fifteen different business experts and authors who contribute their expertise in the form of live and recorded webinars in our social networking area, the Destination University Student Center.

Members of Destination University will benefit from and have access to:

  • Online training library of webinars covering many topics presented by Jon Schallert and business experts in various fields
  • Monthly live webinars presented on a different topic each month by Jon Schallert or one of our other Business Experts
  • An interactive social networking area where business owners can communicate with other owners and resources from around the world
  • Email access to all of our Business Experts to ask a question directly to any of them
  • A business resource area with companies and services that can help grow a business

Phillips County Economic Development joined the Destination University (DU) within the Partner Program to allow Phillips County business owners and managers the ability to join DU at a discounted price. A regular membership cost $29.95 a month but becoming a member under Phillips County will only cost $19.95 a month and the registration fee will be waived! This is a great opportunity for Phillips County businesses to become a member of Destination University and hook into marketing/networking insights which could lift your business! PCED will also be able to show business webinars so look for more information on the webinars coming soon

For more information about Destination University visit:

Phillips County Destination University Form

Putting Humor to Work - Michael Kerr

Eleven business owners and community leaders from Phillips County attended the 2011 Summit Business Conference in Boulder, CO. I feel very privileged to be one of the eleven to attend this conference! Jon Schallert, founder of Destination University, organized the conference and hand-picked nine world-class authors and experts to present to small business owners and community leaders. Everyone who attended gained useful, practical, and valuable information to make their business better (no matter what kind business it was). All of the speakers were energetic, passionate, very informative, and excellent. It was most certainly a fun and educational experience to have all of these experts in one place presenting to small business owners in North America. I will share information from each presenter in future blogs.

The first presenter to get the conference kicked off was Michael Kerr presenting “Putting Humor to Work”. He was absolutely hilarious, enthusiastic, upbeat, and made you feel very energized and excited.

Here is some information Michael Kerr’s gave in his presentation at the Summit Business Conference to help you energize and excite employees to become more productive with the end result of making your business more successful. To learn more about motivating and inspiring employees visit Michael Kerr’s website:

Michael Kerr tells us a way to release stress could be to tap into our own since of humor. A work culture that creates fun and humor will reduce turnover, increase productivity, create a good work environment, and be more successful. When people are having fun they will like their job more resulting in being more productive for their employer. Business owners and managers need to strive to create a work environment that they would want to recommend to their children or best friends.

Providing humor does not mean you have to be comedians, but rather using what works for your organization to balance stress. To add humor to the work place and lighten the atmosphere, organizations can have a funny: bulletin board, signs, mascots, humor first aid kit, rituals, and traditions. Happy STAFF makes HAPPY Customers.

Michael Kerr gives the 3 R’s:

            Relax: Humor helps people relax. It may help one to relax mentally and physically. When people are relaxed and enjoying work that attitude catches on and lowers tension.       

            Reward: Rewarding employees shows that you appreciate the work they do. You may have to turn bad situations into good situations. One example: a business is by train tracks which makes it really noisy and shakes the office when a train goes by. Instead of complaining about this nuisance, the business provides chocolate to their employees when a train goes by. By doing this the business has turned the bad situation into a good one and boosts morale.  

            Reframing Challenges: Stress is in the eye of the beholder. No matter what’s going on, you have 100% control of how you react. It is human nature to have negative thinking instead of positive thinking. However, negative thinking never produces success. It takes a lot of positive thoughts to reverse the effects of negative thoughts.                               

Michael Kerr’s Books: Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work and Putting Humor to Work.

Destination Business Workshop

Phillips County was pleased to welcome Jon Schallert founder of Destination University to our area! Jon Schallert is an internationally-recognized speaker and business expert specializing in teaching businesses and communities how to turn themselves into a Consumer Destinations. Schallert speaks to thousands annually on his proprietary 14-step “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the course of twenty-five (25) years of working with independent business owners.

Fifty-nine (59) business owners, community leaders, residents from outside Phillips County had the great opportunity of acquiring information from an hour and half presentation by Jon Schallert. This special presentation was on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 5:30-7:00pm at the Huck Boyd Community Center as part of the Community Reinvention Program of which Phillips County has been a partner in for the last two years.  For over fifteen years, Jon has been helping business’ learn how to become destination locations.  Businesses he’s consulted have found real success and a noticeable increase in sales. His strategy is a fourteen step process to become a “Destination Business” which attracts customers and media from over three hours away.  Jon shared many stories of businesses that became very successful by utilizing his process. Highlighting three of the fourteen steps covered in the process, attendees at Phillipsburg were very impressed by the information; of which, several locked themselves down for a PCED sponsorship to attend his 2 ½ day workshop in 2012.  “With his real life examples, intricate background knowledge and his energy tied with humor, gave me the enthusiasm and ideas for starting to think outside the box,” stated Sherry Robinson.

Phillips County Economic Development was the first county in the nation to make a long term (four year) commitment toward sending six business owners and one community coordinator  each year within the Community Reinvestment Program to the  “Destination BootCamp“.  Phillips County Economic Development provides a sponsorship to the Schallert Bootcamp Program which pays for an approved attendee’s registration. A business who attends the Destination BootCamp learns the entire 14 step process in 2 ½ days in Longmont Colorado. Phillips County will be sending two more groups out to Longmont in 2012 and 2013.  If you are a business owner interested in attending please contact the Phillips County Economic Development office.

Picture: Jon Schallert, and wife Peg, accepting Destination for Opportunity- Discover Phillips County caps at the meeting. They displayed their caps proudly after receiving them by the PCED.  

2011 Destination Bootcamp for local businesses -- Success!

Six Phillips County businesses return from the 2011 June “Destination Bootcamp” with new tools for changing their businesses and attracting new customers.  The Phillips County business owners attending Destination BootCamp at Longmont, Colorado were:  Janeen Wallgreen (Heartland Marketing), Eric & Nicolina Coulimore (Couli Kaffee), Shelli Dennis (the Hair Co. Salon), Robin Sides (Ultimate Image), Teal Yates (KKAN/KQMA Radio), and Diane Conn (Kustom Kreations), plus Jeff Hofaker (PCED Director) acting as the group’s community coordinator.

Phillips County Economic Development was the first county in the nation to make a long term (four year) committment to sending six business owners and one community coordinator to the Jon Schallert – “Destination BootCamp” within the Community Reinvestment Program.   Through this committment to the Schallert Program, Phillips County Economic Development provided a sponsorship which paid for every attendee’s registration fee.

Phillips County, Kansas has always had strong entrepreneurs and leaders.  Dane G. Hansen and McDill “Huck” Boyd were two entrepreneurs who fought for the rural community, its businesses, its way of life, and the future prospect of its citizens and visitors to “Discover Phillips County”.  As a Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) area, a designated Entrepreneurial Community by Network Kansas, and offering local, entrepreneurial grant programs to assist business growth and creation,  Phillips County, Kansas has positioned itself as one of the most entrepreneurial minded, rural communities in the Midwest United States.  Making the committment to sponsoring businesses for this premiere marketing learning experience, instructed by Jon Schallert, is another proactive tool that Phillips County Economic Development has done to assist local businesses increase revenue possibilities.

The two and one-half day “Destination Bootcamp”, created by marketing consultant Jon Schallert, teaches independent business owners on how to reposition their businesses as “consumer destinations”.  According to Schallert, a business using his “Destination Business” strategies can compete effectively with superstores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and significantly impact a local community.  According to Schallert, it is not uncommon for destination businesses to create change in an entire city, by pulling consumers from miles around, from outside the typical, immediate marketplace of a community.

For inside information about the businesses which attended the 2011 Destination BootCamp, review the official press release.

Schallert Recognizes Phillips County

It is always good when visitors to our community are impressed with the people and activites in Phillips county.  We often do not get feedback directly.  Rarer still, have articles written about Phillips County and then have them published in national magazines.  Well, here is one such article, we would like to share with you. 

Jon Schallert, the founder of Schallert Bootcamp, was fortunate to have got to know seven (7) individuals from Phillips County last year that attended his camp.  The knowledge and expertise shared during the bootcamp was quickly applied by the business owners from Phillips County upon their return.  The Discover Phillipsburg Main Street organization with financial assistance from Phillips County Economic Development (PCED) last year sent these seven individuals, including Michelle Jacobs (the community coordinator) for the Community Reinvestment group of Phillips County. 

The growth and impact by Schallert bootcamp on these businesses was so great, that the PCED made the committment to the Schallert Group to reserve a place each year for six businesses for the next three (3) years.  This was a $45,000 dollar committment for the Bootcamp by paying for business owners boot-camp reservation fees.  This type of committment was the first ever for Schallert across the entire nation.  It was because of this involvement with Phillips County, that Jon had a special article created to put in some national magazines. 

Payback to the community comes from the growth of these businesses (because of the application of the education learned at Schallert).  Every business is different in what it does and the impacts received.  One of the business owners stated it helped increase their revenue by at least 400%, another 100%, another was seeing 50% increases, where others forecasted future growth potential.  These impacts are all great, but vary depending on the business and its involvements in applying ideas it has learned. 

The biggest challenge most businesses see upon returning (if they are making large expansions or changes) is financial.  Phillips County, Kansas is very unique as the PCED has a local grant program, called the EBEP.  It is one of only about 4 counties in the State of Kansas which has a true grant program for entrepreneurs.  Along with the grant, if approved, they can apply for a low to no interest loan up to 60% of the cost of the project.  If they happen to fall into the Discover Phillips Main Street district in Phillipsburg, they could as for additional zero interest loan funds.  This pro-active atmosphere being created and fueled by businesses attending Schallert, is one of many reasons which lead Phillips County to be designated an Entrepreneurial Community (E-Community) by Network Kansas in 2010. 

Every business is unique, just like every person is, that runs a business.  The key to growing our communities is through visionary concepts created by our entrepreneurs.  Stepping out of the box (mindset) from our rural mainstreet (traditional marketing) into creating a place (business) that visitors and shoppers will travel more than 200 miles to purchase items because it is (a destination).  This concept may sound strange, but consider what you (everyone) does for a vacation.  They make a special trip to go somewhere unique.  

Phillips County has had it challenges, but as residents and businesses we have great potential.  Jon Schallert and many other visitors which shop here as a regional point, see this.  If we are to continue to stay strong and grow, we must be pro-active and postitive, and see ourselves (our county) as a regional point, just as many people across the state and nation see us already. 

Let’s Discover Phillips County’s potential!!!!

Posted by Jeff Hofaker

Phillips County Economic Development Partners with Destination Business Boot Camp

It was another successful year of six businesses attending the Schallert Bootcamp in 2012.  After completing six months of follow-up business review, conference calls, and homework; the 2011 graduates of the Bootcamp have coupled their teamwork with the 2010 graduates from the area.  Working together to grow their community AND their businesses to become a DESTINATION Community.  With multiple entrepreneurial programs (tools) from the economic development group and the Discover Phillipsburg Main Street organization and voluteers working — Phillips County is becoming a “Destination for Opportunity”  If you have an interest as a Phillips County business owner to improve you business, make it more marketable to becoming a destination for more clients/business… you need to attend the 2012 Schallert Bootcamp!  If you are interested in going to the 2012 Schallert Bootcamp in Longmont, Colorado on Feb. 28 – March 1 with all your restration paid ($1295), please fill out the form, and return to the PCED immediately.  Those chosen will be on a first-come — first qualified basis.  Those attending will be part of a Phillips County – Community Revitalization Program — team of 7 people (6 business reps + 1 community coordinator).   

Please visit the Schallert Bootcamp website to learn more about the Community Revitalization Program that you will be participating in if you choose to attend.  It is not just a conference, it is a committment to growing your business AND your community!

Jon Schallert at Huck Boyd Center on August 31, 2010

Marketing Expert & Small Business Strategist Jon Schallert will be in Phillipsburg on Tuesday, August 31st.  Jon will be presenting “Increasing Sales & Profits As a Destination Business.”  This seminar will teach those in attendance, how to turn their business into a dominant consumer-magnet capable of pulling in customers from hundreds of miles away. 

The program will be from 8:00 – 9:30 am at the Huck Boyd Center in Phillipsburg.  For information and reservations, contact Michelle Jacobs at Discover Phillipsburg Main Street at 785.540.4284. 

Tickets are $5.00 for Phillips County residents and $20.00 for those outside Phillips County.

This program is sponsored by Discover Phillipsburg Main Street and Discover Phillips County Economic Development.