2011 Summit Business Conference

Putting Humor to Work - Michael Kerr

Eleven business owners and community leaders from Phillips County attended the 2011 Summit Business Conference in Boulder, CO. I feel very privileged to be one of the eleven to attend this conference! Jon Schallert, founder of Destination University, organized the conference and hand-picked nine world-class authors and experts to present to small business owners and community leaders. Everyone who attended gained useful, practical, and valuable information to make their business better (no matter what kind business it was). All of the speakers were energetic, passionate, very informative, and excellent. It was most certainly a fun and educational experience to have all of these experts in one place presenting to small business owners in North America. I will share information from each presenter in future blogs.

The first presenter to get the conference kicked off was Michael Kerr presenting “Putting Humor to Work”. He was absolutely hilarious, enthusiastic, upbeat, and made you feel very energized and excited.

Here is some information Michael Kerr’s gave in his presentation at the Summit Business Conference to help you energize and excite employees to become more productive with the end result of making your business more successful. To learn more about motivating and inspiring employees visit Michael Kerr’s website: http://www.mikekerr.com/

Michael Kerr tells us a way to release stress could be to tap into our own since of humor. A work culture that creates fun and humor will reduce turnover, increase productivity, create a good work environment, and be more successful. When people are having fun they will like their job more resulting in being more productive for their employer. Business owners and managers need to strive to create a work environment that they would want to recommend to their children or best friends.

Providing humor does not mean you have to be comedians, but rather using what works for your organization to balance stress. To add humor to the work place and lighten the atmosphere, organizations can have a funny: bulletin board, signs, mascots, humor first aid kit, rituals, and traditions. Happy STAFF makes HAPPY Customers.

Michael Kerr gives the 3 R’s:

            Relax: Humor helps people relax. It may help one to relax mentally and physically. When people are relaxed and enjoying work that attitude catches on and lowers tension.       

            Reward: Rewarding employees shows that you appreciate the work they do. You may have to turn bad situations into good situations. One example: a business is by train tracks which makes it really noisy and shakes the office when a train goes by. Instead of complaining about this nuisance, the business provides chocolate to their employees when a train goes by. By doing this the business has turned the bad situation into a good one and boosts morale.  

            Reframing Challenges: Stress is in the eye of the beholder. No matter what’s going on, you have 100% control of how you react. It is human nature to have negative thinking instead of positive thinking. However, negative thinking never produces success. It takes a lot of positive thoughts to reverse the effects of negative thoughts.                               

Michael Kerr’s Books: Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work and Putting Humor to Work.