Phillips County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Property Tax Rebate Program:

One of the primary reasons for the Phillips County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) is to encourage growth for our businesses and communities through improvements.  It has been proven in many counties which have long standing, revitalization plan, that such a plan; 1) increases potential for existing businesses to want to grow, 2) increases potential for new business creation, 3) increases the potential for new housing development, and 4) provides better opportunity for new residents to purchase these new homes utilizing the plan (faster turnover with home purchase). The Phillips County NRP is simply a property tax rebate program.  It will be county-wide and include those taxing districts that choose to become a part of it.  This program DOES NOT allow any CURRENT paid (established) property taxes from being paid by property owners; so, there is not any loss of current revenues.  It is designed to provide a ‘percentage’ of their taxes to be rebated ONLY on NEW IMPROVEMENTS made on properties.  This rebate program will be for future property improvements. To qualify an improvement MUST be over $10,000 dollars in appraised value.  A rebate cap of a $150,000 appraised value dollars will be placed on housing, with the exception to be made on multi-family dwelling construction projects.  A qualified applicant for the rebate program will only get the tax rebate after paying in that year’s full taxes on the improvement.  The qualified applicant also must be current on ALL taxes to be involved with the program.

-BEFORE you start an improvement project talk with the County Appraiser at the Phillips County Courthouse about this program and to start the process at 785-543-6810.

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan 

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