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Have you recently lost your job or are you just looking for a different scenery? Kansas is wonderful state to live in, matter of fact Phillips County is a fabulous place to locate! Wondering what incentives we have for you? Let me briefly share with you! 1) ROZ-Rural Opportunity Zones are 50 counties that have been authorized to offer one or both of the following financial incentives to new full-time residents: Kansas income tax waivers for up to five years and Student loan repayments up to $15,000. Doesn’t that sound great! Well of course it does! This link will give you more information about ROZ and what it has to offer! Or contact the Phillips County Economic Development Office at 785.543.5809 or by email: We would love to help! I’m sure you’re wondering what other reasons there are for moving to this county!? Honestly I just wanted to you about ROZ! So go to the link and check it out! If you’re wondering what you’ll do for work check this website out and click Employment! We update our county’s job openings weekly! Thanks for reading!

Business Programs working in unison to help Phillips County’s Economy!

Phillips County E-Community has had some great success collaborating with multiple development organizations to help with financing new, succession and existing business projects with their Entrepreneurship Community Partnership loan.  Over a period of a year, between June 2011 and 2012, a cumulative total of $130,878 E-community loan funds were used to help six businesses in the Phillips County area.  These e-community dollars through the Phillips County E-Community loan program were used in conjunction with six (6) other financing avenues with corresponding matched funds:  Phillips County Economic Development – Entrepreneurial Business and Enhancement ‘grant’ program ($131,953), NetWork Kansas – StartUp Kansas loan program ($112,369), Kansas Capital Multiplier Loan program ($15,000), Private Venture funding ($100,000), Local Bank loan financing ($263,600) and Business owner’s private funds invested ($127,000).  The total cumulative cost for all the projects amounted to $880,800.  These projects created ten (10) new jobs and helped preserve fifteen (15) existing jobs in the county during this same time frame.  For a county with only 5650 residents, having 25 jobs (workers) positively impacted in the community shows the beneficial and cooperative points for the E-community program.  Erik Pedersen, Network Kansas director, stated:  “It is very exciting to see the creative and collaborative way the Phillips County Entrepreneurship (E-) Community team is working to provide financing which is enabling local businesses to start and expand.  The jobs created and preserved will have a tremendous impact in Phillips County”.

Posted 7-26-2012

Jeff Hofaker

How$mart Program

Do you have problems with your old HVAC system keeping up with the heat and afraid you do not have enough money or credit to get a new economical and efficient system.  Well, this proctive program through Midwest Energy may be something to look into.  It covers more things than just HVAC systems — but that seems to be the most common use for it.  This program started out as a program for residential homes and last year was expanded to include business establishments.  It is a great way to update your systems and set up the loan through the utility company through your existing billing.  They first will conduct an energy audit to give you and them some guideance as to what can or cannot be done through their program.  There are guidelines and it does not fit EVERY situation, BUT it is definately a great program (tool) that can be used to upgrade your business as well as home.

If you are utilizing this program to make renovations/updates to a business and other improvements are going to be made, then this program can be used in conjunction with the overall improvement project to count toward your matching funds needed for the EBEP program.  If you have questions, contact our office at 785-543-5809

Jeff Hofaker – PCED director – 7-18-2012

Have you checked in? is becoming very popular in the mobile app world. Checking into different places such as; work, a restaurant, a rodeo, a mall, or even the grocery store is just fun! There are plenty of places out there that you can check into and if not just add it!
Depending on how many times you check into a place in one day, or 5 or 6 different places in one day, you earn a badge! Each badge means something different! I checked into to work twice this week, and I am now Mayor of “Phillips County Economic Development Office”
I don’t know all the ins and outs yet, but I am learning! It’s quite fun!
Also an incentive on being a business on foursquare is this you can advertise certain promotions with the app. Like The Third Street Bakery in downtown Phillipsburg, KS does this : If you check into the Bakery 5 times in 7 days, you can get a FREE shake or malt! How neat is that! Go in Monday-Friday for breakfast or dinner and bam you’re a winner!
Foursquare is neat! Check it out sometime! You never know you might find yourself checking in!

Financial Product Sales - Phillips County area

Modern Woodmen of America


Industry:  Insurance Sales – Marketing Banking – Financial Services

Manages Others : No

Job Type :  Finance Insurance Sales

Education :  High School

Experience : None

Relocation Covered :  No

Salary: Commission based

Contact Information: 

Greg Mallett

Phone : 785 234 8600


Description If you are a competitive and driven individual who can overcome adversity and build long-term relationships with almost anyone, then join our team at Modern Woodmen of American and play a pivotal role in helping families realize their financial dreams. We are seeking committed Financial Advisors to offer our customers a diverse portfolio of financial products that will help meet their long and short-term goals. At your disposal you will have tools, financial resources and local as well as home office support to serve the family and small-business market.  Also, through our Fraternalism, you will positively impact families and communities through volunteer and member involvement programs.

If you are an honest, results-oriented person who wants to grow themselves by helping others, then Modern Woodmen of America may be the right place for you to make a difference!

Job Responsibilities
As a Financial Advisor for Modern Woodmen of America, you will work with current or new members to provide them information about the financial services their families could utilize. You will also be responsible for Networking with individuals throughout the community and continuously prospecting in order to secure appointments.

Additional responsibilities for the Financial Advisor include:

  • Participating in mentor-led appointments
  • Asking customers for referrals
  • Engaging in personal observation throughout the community
  • Participating in fraternal activities
  • Continuing your professional education as needed


As a Financial Advisor for Modern Woodmen of America, you must be highly competitive and professional. You must also be an excellent listener with superb verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. At Modern Woodmen of America, we are seeking someone who values honesty, integrity and tenacity as much as we do.

Additional requirements of the Financial Advisor include:

  • Have at least three years of continuous U.S. residency
  • Be a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa
  • Read, write and speak English fluently

At Modern Woodmen of America, we recognize how hard our team members work in order to provide our members with the best products and service possible. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our Financial Advisors extensive training, competitive compensation and an excellent benefits package.

Additional benefits available to the Financial Advisor include:

  • Medical & Dental Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Planning w/ Company Match
  • Non-contributory retirement plans
  • Group health and dental benefits
  • Group term life insurance benefits
  • Optional group disability insurance benefits
  • Laptop provided
  • Social Security and Medicare taxes paid 

Scholarship For Non Traditional Students

Applications are now being accepted for the Phillips County Economic Development Scholarship for Non Traditional Students.  This scholarship is to help and encourage people in Phillips County who want to upgrade their work skills by furthering their education.

Applications for the scholarship are available at the Phillips County Economic Development Office located in the Fischer Building in Phillipsburg.  Recipients will be selected by a scholarship committee.

Applications are due by May 1st

Non Traditional Student Scholarship 



March 19, 20122 years ago

Entrepreneurial Resource Fair

Meet with local and regional resource partners who can provide valuable information and services as you launch your own business:
• Small Business Development Center
• Small Business Administration
• Local professionals: accounting, business law, real estate, etc.
• Other regional and state agencies that work with small business


Date: 03/28/12
Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: FHSU Student Union Hall 2nd floor

Contact the Ellis County Coalition for more information:

Entrepreneurial Resource Fair Flyer 

Phillips County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Property Tax Rebate Program:

One of the primary reasons for the Phillips County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) is to encourage growth for our businesses and communities through improvements.  It has been proven in many counties which have long standing, revitalization plan, that such a plan; 1) increases potential for existing businesses to want to grow, 2) increases potential for new business creation, 3) increases the potential for new housing development, and 4) provides better opportunity for new residents to purchase these new homes utilizing the plan (faster turnover with home purchase). The Phillips County NRP is simply a property tax rebate program.  It will be county-wide and include those taxing districts that choose to become a part of it.  This program DOES NOT allow any CURRENT paid (established) property taxes from being paid by property owners; so, there is not any loss of current revenues.  It is designed to provide a ‘percentage’ of their taxes to be rebated ONLY on NEW IMPROVEMENTS made on properties.  This rebate program will be for future property improvements. To qualify an improvement MUST be over $10,000 dollars in appraised value.  A rebate cap of a $150,000 appraised value dollars will be placed on housing, with the exception to be made on multi-family dwelling construction projects.  A qualified applicant for the rebate program will only get the tax rebate after paying in that year’s full taxes on the improvement.  The qualified applicant also must be current on ALL taxes to be involved with the program.

-BEFORE you start an improvement project talk with the County Appraiser at the Phillips County Courthouse about this program and to start the process at 785-543-6810.

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan 

Truck Drivers-Groendyke-Phillipsburg, KS

Regional drivers needed.  Industry leading pay, health, dental and disablility Insurance, 401k w/company match, vacation pay, hoiday pay, safety pay and uniforms.
Contact 1-800445-8711 or check us out on the web and fill in an on-line application:


Phillips County is a ROZ county, which could allow a new resident to qualify for the student loan forgiveness program (in-state or out-of-state applicants) or for the Kansas Income Tax forgiveness program (only for out-of-state resident applicants). More information is at and search ROZ.


March 8, 20122 years ago

Local Business People Return from Destination Business

Six local businesses returned last week from a business improvement “Destination BootCamp” held in Longmont, Colorado, where they leaned hundreds of new methods to bring more customers and tourists to Phillips County.

Among the group to attend include: Stacie Wenzl – Wenzl Drug, Erik Willer – Willer’s Casual Dining, Ginger Tweedy – Area Insight, Setul Parikh – Mark V Motel, Debra Dillon –Logan area business, Dustin Cheney –Phillipsburg Chiropractic Center, and Kera Nuckolls –Discover Phillipsburg Main Street as the Community Coordinator.

Phillips County Economic Development committed to fund the registration fee for six Phillips County businesses and one Community Coordinator to attend per year for four years. This is the third group to attend the two and one-half day, 20-hour workshop that also included approximately twenty-five other business representatives from across North America.

Destination Business BootCamp was created by marketing consultant Jon Schallert, who teaches independent business owners on how to reposition their businesses as “consumer destinations”.

According to Schallert, a business using his Destination Business strategies can compete effectively with stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot and significantly impact a local community.

Schallert notes that it is not uncommon for destination businesses to create change in an entire city, by drawing consumers, from miles around, outside the immediate marketplaces of the community.

“The Destination Business BootCamp is a must do for any small business owner who wants to set themselves apart from, ahead of, or to excel faster than the competition,” says Phillipsburg chiropractor, Dr. Dustin Cheney. “Your competition is not your competitor down the street. Your competition is the world. In today’s society, almost anything is a click away. With the tools I learned at the Destination BootCamp taught by Jon Schallert, I know that I can beat the click and continue to offer our community the highest quality chiropractic and natural health care services in the region.

Schallert’s Destination Busness BootCamp is held in Colorado three times annually. Schallert has worked with independent business owners since 1983, speaks to thousands every year, and is the President of  The Schallert Group, Inc., Longmont Colorado. One newspaper called Schallert “the marketing guru rooting for the retail underdogs”. Business owners interested in attending may contact Phillips County Economic Development at 785-543-5809 for more information, or one can visit Schallert’s website at

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