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QR Code - A Technology Tool

Technology is becoming more and more advanced each day and people have grown to be accustomed to using technology on a daily bases. Businesses need to utilize technology that fits the business. Utilizing technology helps each business compete with other competitors and will create definite benefits. It is impossible to utilize every type of technology, but the more you know about what is available, the more it will help you in deciding which technology to implement in marketing your business. 

 A QR code is a neat technology tool that was created in Japan about a decade ago but has only been in the United States for over a year. A QR code resembles bar codes that are on retail products which are used to track their merchandise.  This QR code holds more digital data than a bar code. The digital data could be a link to a website, video, or email address. There are a number of things you could use a QR code for. This could help get people to visit your business website because they are curious what the QR code connects to. You can learn more about QR codes on

Sheila Roberts from Sign Solutions states, “They really work. You can put whatever information you want in them. Possible media ideas: direct mail, newspaper, flyers, email, T Shirts, caps, signs, business cards, text messages, mobile apps, facebook, twitter, linkedin, vehicle graphics, promotional items. If you have a QR code, it can be placed almost anywhere. Smartphones read them and store the information!”

The Discover Phillips County Semi Trailer wind skirt is receiving a QR code that links to the PCED website and the Track the Trailer Facebook page!! Be looking for this addition!

Track the Trailer

Phillips County becomes a ROZ (Rural Opportunity Zone) Opt-in County

The Board of Phillips County Commissioners Phillips County, Kansas on September 6, 2011, adopted a resolution authorizing the county’s participation in the Student Loan Repayment Program within the Rural Opportunity Zone legislation.  Phillips County, along with forty-nine other counties across Kansas, had already been designed as ROZ locations; though, this portion of the legislation which needed match funding support from the local county, was presented to each county as an option to participate. Over several months, a common slang phrase used within development groups has been ROZ “opt-in” County, to describe the Student Loan Repayment Program.  Any way you phrase it, Phillips County has now joined the peer group of ROZ counties that provides the Student Loan Repayment Program to new residents which qualify.  This program will provide Phillips Countyanother tool to recruit individuals back to the area.

Qualifications of the Student Loan Repayment Program: Establish residency in a ROZ county after July 1, 2011 and on or after the date on which the County opt-in to the student loan program or for which its resolution allows. The Phillips County resolution allows for a 16-week calendar window prior to the September 6, 2011 signing.  The primary reasoning for the window was to allow residents which had recently returned to the area, taken jobs, and returned because of the initial designation by the State of Kansas of Phillips County in the ROZ program.  To qualify for the loan forgiveness program, an individual must hold an associates, bachelors, post-graduate degree, or technical/vocational school certificate, have an outstanding student loan balance, be current on the loan payments, and prove their new residency is located in Phillips County.

Phillips County is excited to have this opportunity to attract new residents to the county. Please contact Phillips County Economic Development at 785-543-5809 or if you would like more information. Visit if you would like to learn more about the program or apply. All applications for the program are submitted online through this website.